Magnetic Careers At PawaGap Marketing

At PawaGap we’re always looking to attract talented and enthusiastic professionals to join our magnetic team of web designers & developers, graphic artists, digital media strategists, and content writers.
If you’re looking to be part of an innovative organization that turns creative ideas into real-life solutions, then come join the PawaGap team. We’ve fostered a culture where all voices are heard, productivity is rewarded, and opportunities to grow within the company are encouraged.

The skills we’re looking for in a partner are:

  • Collaborators – people who work well within our team and with our clients.
  • Forward thinkers – always learning new trends within the industry and their field of specialty.
  • Multi-taskers – people who are able to function in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment while working on multiple client accounts and projects.
  • Strategic and analytical – ability to plan methodically and analyze data and scenarios in order to continually improve results.
  • Creative – able to come up with new and unique solutions to help attract business and grow.

Want to Join Our Team?

At PawaGap, we offer a variety of part-time and remote positions. Our digital marketing agency offers competitive percentage, benefits, and incentives.