Generate more leads and sales through our eCommerce solutions.

The ecommerce market is competitive. Online stores that want to thrive need a smart marketing strategy. With ecommerce marketing services from PawaGap, your company can launch competitive campaigns that drive online orders, repeat customers, and revenue that powers your growth. Speak with one of our social media managers about how we can partner with you to help grow your business.
Here is what we do: we craft strategic e-commerce solutions that reduce your costs and drive conversions. Ecommerce is growing by double digits every year, and this isn’t a trend that’s going to lose steam. Consumers want to shop online – they love the convenience, the amazing variety, and the specificity of being able to find exactly what they want when they want it. As an online store owner, you have a near-infinite pool of potential customers, but competition is fierce. Partnering with an ecommerce marketing agency allows you to implement proven strategies that help your products stand out from the rest.
Facebook Ads

Reach millions of potential customers through engaging, hyper-targeted and profitable Facebook ad campaigns.

Instagram Lead Generation

Double your sales easily through our strategic combination of leads magnets, landing pages and Instagram ads.

Influencer Marketing

Get results faster. Based on the nature of your goals, we will help you leverage top influencers to build awareness and engagement for your ecommerce business.

YouTube Advertising

Tap into the under-utilized goldmine of video marketing by connecting with your specific target customers on YouTube.

eCommerce SEO

Launch your website and/or landing page and get organic traffic from search engines for better performance and results.

eCommerce Optimization

We boost your online revenues with fresh content, SEO and current data insights. Keeping up with current e-commerce trends, your online shop will always be one step ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you might have before getting started

1. How Does It Work?

Great question. Our eCommerce Solutions works like a normal marketing service but solely focus on sales. We use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, eCommerce SEO, etc to drive leads to your website/landing page or if you only sell on social media or WhatsApp, we drive leads there for conversion.

2. Do I Need A Website To Start?

No you don’t. You can sell directly on WhatsApp or through your social media accounts. Website/landing page is just a plus AND NOT compulsory.

3. Do You Guarantee Sales?

Absolutely YES! We have a team of social media and digital marketing experts with proven records. We assured you of leads and regular sales.

4. Who Handles The Pages?

We handle your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel. We will updates them weekly with content during the marketing process.

5. Can I Use Existing Facebook/Instagram/YouTube Channel?

Yes. If you have those accounts, we will use them. If not, we can create new ones absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. We will only require access and ask you to make us an admin of your Facebook page.

6. Is There Any Hidden Charges Applicable?

No hidden charges. Every charges as applicable is in our pricing tab.

7. How Many Leads Should I Expect Monthly?

This ultimately depends on the nature of your business and your budget. We have been able to estimate quantity of potential leads on the pricing tab.

8. I Have Tried Social Media Ads Before But It Didn’t Work?

Our results speak for themselves. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned a proven strategy that simply works. Our team is also certified to carry out digital marketing campaigns.

9. How Will Results Be Measured?

For lead generation campaign, results are measured by quantity and quality of leads. For social media management, metrics are engagement level and audience growth.

10. Do You Accept Custom Budget?

Yes we do, but we reserve the right to decline and suggest budget that we see might not achieve any results.

Thanks to PawaGap. Have run several facebook ads with only clicks and likes but when PawaGap came in, i got massive conversion.
Olivia Viera Stores
Again and again I am completely satisfy with your ecommerce solutions methods. Now I have peace of mind focusing on building my brand
Olayemi Web Developer
Impressive and Innovative. I love the package and the support. The tactics and PawaGap team proved to be the solutions for sales need.
Kehinde Lawal Sales Manager
Ever since PawaGap came in to assist on our ecommerce business, we have achieved alot in terms of sales and brand visibility.
Phillip GoldenLeaf Stores

Our eCommerce Solutions Packages

Choose the best option that suit for business need
per monthper year
Facebook & Instagram ONLY
Guaranteed Sponsored Ads
3 Posts Weekly
Leads/Sales Guaranteed
FREE Content Creation
Page Optimization
Website/Landing Page Traffic
Products Boost
500 Organic Followers
Choose This Package
per monthper year
Facebook/Instagram & eCommerce SEO
Content Marketing
Sponsored Ads
5000 Emails Marketing
Site Maintenance
Leads/Sales Guaranteed
Product Boost
Page Optimization
Daily Posts on Media Pages
2000 Engaging Followers
Choose This Package
per monthper year
All Social Media
Content Marketing
Ecommerce SEO
Weekly Sponsored Ads
Leads/Sales Guaranteed
5000 Engaging Followers [FB,IG,TW,LKND]
Free Website Development [optional]
3 Daily Posts
Page Optimization
30000 Emails Campaign
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Need Special Request Or Budget?

We understand needs and budget and we are considerate. Build a better business online to market your goods and services. Surpass the hassles of reaching customers and presenting your products.